Hever Castle


Hever is the childhood home of Anne Boleyn.  As well as being seeped in history, it has beautiful gardens to enjoy and is great fun.  A real win – win and a fantastic family day out.


Hidden garden

One of these days we will have a nice leisurely amble through the gardens.  But meanwhile, the children love running and racing through, stopping occasionally as something catches their eye.  The gardens really are stunning and we need to know how they get their tulips to grow so straight!  This time we found a “hidden” (at least we had missed it on previous visits) Italian garden.  Perfect for contemplating the meaning of life…

We aren’t history buffs but love the castle here and the cast of characters that often roam around outside.  There is something about Henry VIII (“divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived” may have something to do with it) that just fascinates children.  The castle contains a great collection of armour and torture instruments from Tudor times. Very grisly!


Choose your picnic spot!

We eschewed the restaurants and opted for a picnic.  There are many pretty spots to enjoy a picnic (if the weather allows!) in the grounds.  Some are not too far from the car park so there is shorter distance to haul all the stuff.  And of course the cafes have a great supply of ice creams for later in the day (although on a warm, sunny day the queues can be longer than the selection!)

Next stop for us was the adventure playground.  This is great!  Lots of things to climb on and slide down or just swing…  Perfect for burning off energy after lunch.

The yew maze is a must.  Despite having been in goodness knows how many times,  I always get completely lost!  Keep hold of your children or be prepared to run to keep up!

And finally of course the water maze.  This is absolutely the thing to do last.  Why?  Well the object is supposedly to get to the centre without setting off any of the fountains, but if you are under the age of 16 the object appears to be to set as many off as possible and push your brother/sister/dad/mum/friend into the them.  We thought we were well prepared with a towel and change of clothes, but speaking from experience, can we suggest you may want to bring spare shoes too!!!

Getting wet compulsory!

Getting wet compulsory!


Hever Castle is open 10.30am – 6pm until 24 October.

A family ticket is £39.70, adult £15.50, child £8.70 (castle and garden)

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2 Responses to Hever Castle

  1. Lisa Lo Paro says:

    I visited Hever Castle a couple years ago and was completely entranced by it…the gardens were as lovely as the castle! I’m a history buff and a fan of Anne Boleyn so I loved it!

  2. Richard says:

    Hi there, I am a photographer and have covered many weddings at Hever Castle over the last 8 years and it is a delightful place to work. Steeped as it is in history, it is a stunning venue for romantic pictures which constantly changes with the seasons. The wonderful award winning Rose Garden situated in the Italian Gardens and the fabulous Rhododendron walk are just a couple to mention. A beautiful place to visit for simply everyone.

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